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George Jones




George Jones



George Jones has dealt with a great variety of material including literature, publicity material, policy documents and academic texts.  His main languages are English and the Celtic languages, in which he holds a BA honours degree, as well as a number of major continental European languages, including French, German and Spanish.


George has substantial experience in the preparation of academic texts for publication.  He has been the editor of a specialist journal (Mercator Media Forum) published by the University of Wales Press since 1995.



phone: +44 (0)1974 261543



An Experienced Translator

George Jones has over twenty years’ experience of offering a variety of services in the field of language, with a high reputation for accuracy and precision.


Services offered include written translation, interpreting, linguistic editing, proof-reading and language tuition.


George has translated in a wide range of subject areas and his clients have included governmental bodies, commercial organisations and publishers.